I have been using Chocolatey ( on windows in the last few days.

Have been finding it quite useful to have an apt-like piece of software.

Being able to do:

choco install putty

choco search vim

brings some of that Linux feel to Windows.

Mouse cursor stuck when moving across different size monitors

Have you ever had that problem where you have 2 or 3 monitors and they are different sizes/resolutions or some are in portrait/vertical layout and some are in landscape/horizontal layout and the mouse gets stuck at the bottom or top when trying to move from one monitor to another?

Did some googling and here are 2 solutions (one free, one paid):

The solution I am using is:

Download the program from the releases page

The paid solution I haven’t checked but is in their features list:

To use Wordpress or Hugo?

Considering switching back to Wordpress.

Hugo doesn’t feel like it is ready yet, also writing everything in an editor with vim is frustrating sometimes when you want to drop an image/video in..

I have tried using but it seems to have deleted my index.html page (probably something I did wrong) … We will see what happens after this post. Will it comeback?

… some time later..

It seemed to be a problem with my config not specifying the theme:

theme = «themename»

Also the theme had some .git stuff in which I removed..Seems all good for now. Will keep trying Hugo!

Just an additional note - I found a bug with the image upload section of Forestry, reported it and got a response within 30 minutes on a Sunday! Excellent support.

Speed up your linux command line using FZF

If you haven’t started using FZF yet you are in for a treat.

Install it from the fzf github page: using this command:

git clone --depth 1 ~/.fzf

Reload your shell and then try these commands:

type vim and then CTRL + T.

Type a few letters of the file you want to edit and … boom, you are there.

Also try ALT + C

Type a few letters of the folder you want to change into and .. boom, you are there.

It also spices up your command history (CTRL + R).

Enjoy FZF!

New Blog using Hugo

Just setting up the blog again. In the past I used Drupal and then Wordpress. Now I am trying out Hugo.
I like the idea of having all the content in Git so I don’t keep having to backup/migrate my database if I switch hosts.

I also like not having to update php/wordpress/mysql for security.. And then forgetting to do that.

Will also take this as an opportunity to learn Markdown.