Mouse cursor stuck when moving across different size monitors

Have you ever had that problem where you have 2 or 3 monitors and they are different sizes/resolutions or some are in portrait/vertical layout and some are in landscape/horizontal layout and the mouse gets stuck at the bottom or top when trying to move from one monitor to another?

Did some googling and here are 2 solutions (one free, one paid):

The solution I am using is:

Download the program from the releases page

The paid solution I haven’t checked but is in their features list:

Speed up your linux command line using FZF

If you haven’t started using FZF yet you are in for a treat.

Install it from the fzf github page: using this command:

git clone --depth 1 ~/.fzf

Reload your shell and then try these commands:

type vim and then CTRL + T.

Type a few letters of the file you want to edit and … boom, you are there.

Also try ALT + C

Type a few letters of the folder you want to change into and .. boom, you are there.

It also spices up your command history (CTRL + R).

Enjoy FZF!